Daryl Davis, Technology Connections
Email: daryl@LivingProofChurch.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LivingProofTyrone

I'm Daryl Davis and have been a Member of Living Proof Church since about 2006 and served as an Elder since 2011. My beautiful helpmate and partner, Christy became my wife in 2007. We kept our relationship pure for the 5 years prior to our marriage which has become a testament to God's promise of blessing in our marriage as we share a wonderful, trusting and caring relationship with God and each other. I have two wonderful adult children and Christy has an Adult child as well. We were able to raise the three of them together through Grades School and High School.

As well as serving Living Proof as an elder I also oversee the Church's Technologies, Audio & Visual Team and am gifted in Graphics and Design. My profession is in the Construction Industry where I have served as the Director of Project Development and Estimating for a mid sized Commercial Construction Company since 1993.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the Center and Head of my life and my personal relationship with Him has brought me through and out of a number of struggles in my journey here on earth. Through Him, I am daily learning to conform to His image and to share His glorious grace and love with others.