About Us

Living Proof Church began in March of 2003, under the direction and leadership of Pastor Ted Knapp, with the idea of providing a church based on the Biblical teachings of the New Testament and the intentions of “appealing” to those who would not visit the traditional church. Though the first meetings were in homes, an elementary school in Fairburn, GA was temporarily selected until, following God’s Holy Spirit, a second location, at Tyrone Elementary, was provided. After ministering from this location for two years, God called Pastor Scott Smith, in March of 2005, to Living Proof Church and, in January of 2006, directed the LPC Team to purchase this great location.

Properly following God’s direction and leadership these ten years, this great church has tremendously been blessed by God! Since our move, we have been recognized for many achievements such as leading our Association and the State in baptisms, being in the TOP 10 of churches our size! God has given us many innovative ideas on how to be “Jesus with his skin on”, showing Jesus’ love in practical ways. When Pastor Scott began his ministry at Living Proof Church we decided to be, and to make, disciples of all nations and churches. One of our goals was to be an example to other churches and to get them to follow our lead. Living Proof Church has helped start and currently provides staff members to churches in India, Africa and the Philippines! We want to grow Big People for Jesus (AMEN)!!!

Challenging ourselves, we intend to grow our 242 Teams (small groups of 8-10 people) exponentially over the next few years. We currently have over 50%, with a goal of 80% in the next two years, of our congregation being discipled.  Our goal is to baptize 100 people per year at this location. Once we have an attendance rate of over 1000 people each Sunday, we will begin Off-Campus Ministries, as God has called us to be Living Proof that Jesus is alive today being and making disciples one at a time, which, in turn, leads to a multiplying force of disciples being... and doing (AMEN)!!!
“His intent was that now through the church the manifold wisdom of God should be made known.” ~Ephesians 3:10


In the brief history of Living Proof Church, we have seen scores of blessings from God. Blessings beyond any of our dreams, inspirations, and imaginations.
Here are just a few of these blessings:
  • We have had more than several thousand people that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior
  • A weekly attendance averaging 200 or more
  • More than 50 Baptisms yearly
  • Praise and Worship Band
  • Chick-fil-A give-aways
  • Wendy's Burger Giveaways
  • Stocked lake with hundreds of fish in front of the church
  • Community Childrens Fishing Derby
  • Community No Sale Yard Sales
  • Community Fall Festivals
  • Weekly Children & Adult Worship services
  • Living Proof has started 44 churches (29 in the Philippines, 13 in India, 1 in Africa, and 1 in China) in the last 10 years  
  • A dedicated staff and members who strive to Be Living Proof by Showing Jesus' Love In A Practical Way