These are real life testimonies of members and regular attenders of Living Proof

"This place is  real!"   D.S
"I was ready to end my  life (not anymore)."   anonymous
"It took 20yrs to mess up my finances, and only 2 for God to help me straighten them out."   R.J.
"Pastor Scott makes it so simple to understand, and God has changed (for better) my life." G.S
"I had seven tumors and the Elders prayed over me. They all disappeared!!"   B.
"My child had an incurable diseases and he was healed."   G.S
"God is in this place."   S.S.
"Authentic!!"   J.A 

"God saved my marriage through this church."   R.T.
 "I have peace now."   L.D.
"Several relationships have been restored."   M.G.
"Music is over the top."   D.F.  

"Physical healing."   R.M.
"God speaks to me every Sunday."   B.H.
"I've grown more in the past 5 years than the last 45 in other churches."   L.H.
"Small groups (8-10 people meeting in homes) is fun and exciting."   M.N.
"Small group saved my marriage."   D.H.

"We have the best pastor."   S.S.
"Life application principals throughout every week." L
"My life has went from a 0 to a 10 where 10 is the best."   L.B.
"When there is a need it goes out to the congregation and it is take care of
almost immediately."   J.R.
"The elders prayed over me and I have not been sick since."   S.M.
"I know that church. They hand out those yummy biscuits."   S.B
"They know how to have fun."   R.N.
"I love that they are active in the community."   B.M.
"The pastor is just a good ole southern boy."   D.R.
"I look forward to reading the marque."   K.M.
"The message is honest and applicable."   J.R.

 "The church has changed my life."   R.R.
"This is the place to be."   T.R.
 "I feel God's presence here at Living Proof Church, and He speaks to me."   J.B.
"I love the church because it is real."   J.C.
"I knew the first time I came this was the church for me."   D.W
 "God has changed my life at Living Proof Church."   G.S.
"This ain't your granny's church."   L.M.
"Best thing that ever happened to me."   K.H.
"Takes me through the week."   K.S.
"Living Proof Church keep me conscious (Heart and Mind) of Jesus' love & His way of life for me to live in practical ways! Thanks Scott!! I love my LP family.   M.R
"LPC means family to me!"   C&D.D
"You are the greatest Living Proof!"   A.D
"LPC is my family!"   J.S.   
"LPC has changed my life!" K.S.