Kellie Price, Youth Ministry
I grew up in Dalton, GA, where my church life and relationship with Christ began.  From there I set off to find my testimony and through many paths, I was lead to our Lord Jesus Christ in 2010. I wasn't sure where I was headed but God told me to study His Word; past, present and future and He would guide me. In that time Christ has not only grown me  through different situations, but provided wisdom, knowledge, a strong thirst for Him, and a willingness to witness to others. On the Current chapter on my life, I have a family of three, and began teaching at Living Proof in 2014. In our Middle School class, we base our foundation and insights on biblical principles. Our mission is to strengthen not only, the individuals in the class, but to unify and disciple all in the Body of Christ. We recognize that our mission is not only inside, but even more importantly outside the walls of the Church. Building a family on unique and diverse individuals, sharing God's love in practical ways, and a welcoming heart at the center, is what makes our Youth team PROOF.