06-24 Just Hate It
242 Team Lesson

What are you focused on? Where do you spend most of your time? Energy? Money?

What can you control?

Define focus; How do you focus?

What are our top 5 priorities in life? Does your calendar and expense account reflect your priorities?

Using these scriptures. What should the true disciple do?


07-01 How to Win
242 Team Lesson

Explain how you are to grow in each area.

What are your steps to growth?

Where have you grown the most?

Where do you need to grow the most?

Who have you seen grow and what did you notice?

What would your family say about your growth?


07-07 How to Lose

242 team Lesson

How did you come to know Jesus?

What did it take for that to happen?

How are you making disciples?

What does it cost to make a disciple?

What can you do to help the process here at Living Proof?

What keeps the average person from becoming and making a disciple?

How can we improve our success rate in discipleship?

Pray for one another.

07-21 Bucket vs Blessings
242 Team Lesson

Define reap

What is a word we use today to replace reap?

What have you reaped from your parents in a good way?

Not so good?

What have your kids reaped?

What do you think their kids will reap?

What does the average person need to change about themselves

to benefit their and their offspring, spiritual offspring future?

What do you need to change?

07-28 Grow In The Dirt - Distress, Irritable etc..
242 Team Lesson

Share a time when you were in distress

that turned into spiritual growth.

One to ten, Ten being very high rate your insecurities.

How should we combat them?

What is something we as fallen humans hates dealing with?

How do we overcome ourselves and deal with them?

What is the biggest trouble we can be in?

What's the biggest trouble you're dealing with right now?