Series: How to Get Free

10-15  Stop Tolerating a Jezebel spirit

242 Team Lesson

Why does God give us the ability to choose?

What are you in control of?

How do humans try to control others?

What is depression?

What is anger?

What is exhaustion?

What is insomnia?

What is fear?

What is suicide?

How does God want us to live? Explain

Pray and recognize the true enemy and ask in Jesus name for it to leave you. Amen


10-22  Believers in Bondage

242 Team Lesson

What is the average person's struggle that they struggle with their entire lives?

What does the New Testament bible talk about the most? Why?

What is the root of us wanting more money and possessions?

Describe fear:

What are you afraid of?

Not having enough; explain.

Giving to your kids: explain.

Can pride be found in how we spend and use our possessions?

What has you in bondage?

What do you think about the most?

Worry about the most?

Stress about the most?

Indecision kills the squirrel trying to cross the road.

Your indecision is killing you. Believe the Bible and it makes decisions for you.


Tithe - first 10% returned [not stole from God] to God

242 Team - Date put on calendar

Sunday Attendance - Is it on calendar<

Scheduling time priorities - Prayer Time, family time.


10-29  Open Doors

242 Team Lesson

What's the smartest purchase you ever made? Why?

Dumbest? Why?

Why do we not tithe? Gross or Net?

Sales? Income tax return?

Define income:

What does God expect according to above scriptures?

How do you feel about that?

Do our feelings matter? Explain

Define offerings:

When was last time God told you to give an offering? Give examples of when you did and did not and how you felt after each.

Pray and ask forgiveness, change your thinking, change your ways, pass the test so he can bless Amen