03-04  Profitable Servants

242 Team Lesson

When was the last time you made a profitable decision? Explain.

Give an example of being profitable with God's money, cars, homes, words, actions.

Give an example of what you can be trusted with and from whom.

According to your pattern, how much can God trust you?

Give 3 ways to improve your trust level.


03-11  Profitable Servants II

242 Team Lesson

Get smartphone out.

Find simple interest calculator on the web.
Simple Interest Calculator

Pick an item you spend a few dollars on daily or weekly.

Plug in the value of investing those dollars at 10% annual stock market yield for
last 50  years or 11% annual real estate yield for 50 years.

Example diet coke 2.00 5 times a week = 10.00 a week x52 weeks =520 a year invested for 45 years from age 20 till 65 equals ___________.

Is 10.00 a week doable?

Read Mathew 25

How much have you invested this week for God?

How profitable have you been for God?

What do you need to do to improve your profitability?

List 3 things you can do.


03-18  Great Day of Giving

242 Team Lesson

When it comes to money what is your biggest fear?

When it comes to God, what is your biggest fear?

When do you have enough money? Your opinion, God's opinion.

When do you get enough God?

What increases your confidence in ______? In God?

Lists 10 great things God has done for you.

What is God asking you to change right now for Him?

What does the average person[disciple] need to change for God?

What's the first step that they need to make? You?